Many of us know Nexus as a Repository Manager, but Sonatype has recently evolved Nexus Platform to deliver full spectrum control of software development lifecycle to developers. Here are some of them I had an opportunity to explore on.

Nexus Repository

It is an artifact repository which supports many different artifact formats…

This document describes

  1. Steps needed to be performed in case of a disaster (DR — Failover scenario) i.e., to bring up application and services in “Failover Region”.
  2. Steps needed to operate back in the original state (DR — Fallback scenario) i.e., …

Some of VPN UseCases

  1. Restrict certain administrative portals to ‘internal’ network by not exposing to wider public internet for security purposes.
  2. Ability to locally access dev and test RDS database provisioned in private subnets i.e without public access (for developers to access DB from local in non-prod environments).
  3. Ability to directly access AWS resources…

An application using an elasticache(redis) cluster for in-memory caching in production needs security at various levels. Most obvious ones being, provisioning the cluster within private subnets inside a vpc, enabling encryption at rest, enabling encryption in transit and configuring a security group to restrict access to the elasticache(redis) cluster.


Swati Sannidhi

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